The New Amiry Terminal (VVIP Terminal) in Kuwait

17 January 2014

The Kuwait International Airport is located in Farwaniya, Kuwait and it can currently handle six million passengers per year after a massive renovation and expansion project.

1. Introduction

In 2007, a new aircraft hangar for Airbus A380 planes and a new terminal building for VIP passengers were planned to build. Starting date for Ahmediah Trading and Constructing Co, Main Contractor, was 15th of September 2007. Airbus A380 Aircraft Hangar and The New Amiry Terminal Building were built in the same contract. Both structures are made of prefabricated steel USKON space frame system and all materials of the space frame have been supplied from Turkey.

General view of The Amiry Terminal

The Amiry Terminal (VVIP Terminal) will be exclusively used by the Emir of Kuwait and his guests as well as other countries representatives while visiting the country. The main contractor of the project, Ahmediah Trading and Constructing Co., insisted on having a new interesting design and this was required extra internal width and height and the latest state of technology but without losing the highest aesthetical concern.

General view of VVIP Terminal

Plan view of the architectural model


2. General Information About the Participants of the Terminal Project

Employer : Minister of Public Works - Special Projects Administration

Contractor : Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Company - Kuwait

Architectural Design Concept : Paul Andreu - France

Architectural Consultant : Associated Engineering Partnership - Kuwait

Structural Consultant : Farooqi Engineering Consultants - Kuwait

Designer, Supplier of Steel Structure : Uskon Space Frames - Turkey

Supplier of Composite Roof Cladding System : Arabian Profiles-UAE & Kalzip Roofing Sys-UAE

Supplier of Aluminium Cladding : Wuhan Lingyun Building Decoration Engineering Co. - China

The outer dimensions of the structure are 69m x 69m in plan. Distance from the highest point of the space frame to the lowest level is 35.523m. Modulation of the space structure varies depending on the complex geometry but, it is around 2.167m x 2.167m. There is a lateral space frame connection system on the top middle region to improve the structural behavior since this upper volume is not used for architectural purpose. Construction thickness between lower and upper layer of the space frame is 2.212 m. for this part.

3. Design Properties of the V.V.I.P. Terminal Project

Design calculations are as per Eurocode1 and Eurocode3 using Load and Resistance Factor Design Method. The loading criteria in the project are as follows:

- Space Frame Self Weight = 46.2 kg/m2

- Cladding + Purlins = 41.0 kg/m2

- Service Load = 25.0 kg/m2

- Suspended Ceiling Load = 15.0 kg/m2

- Live Load on Roof = 60.0 kg/m2

- Wind Load = 168.0 kg/m2 (V=80 mp/h)

- Temperature Differences = Dt = ± 22°C (for H<13m); Dt = ± 35°C (for H?13m)

- Seismic Loads = as per UBC’97; (Zone=I , Importance Factor=1.5 , R=3.5)

The space frame structure has been supported on the reinforced sub-structure using 32 no’s of steel supports. Clear span of flat-sided and dome-shaped space frame structure is 59.70m. on both x and y directions. There are additional space frame layers in the structure integrated to the model. The system had been modeled together with these leaf shaped parts. SAP2000 software has been used in structural design calculations. Some information about the space frame structure are as given below:

- Area of Space Frame = 4368 m2

- Number of Members = 15234 no’s

- Number of Nodes = 3657 no’s

- Number of Supports = 32 no’s

- Span of the Space Frame = 59.7 m

- Minimum Diameter of Pipes : D = 48.3 mm, t = 2.5 mm (S235)

- Maximum Diameter of Pipes : D = 219.1 mm, t = 8.0 mm (S235)

- Minimum Bolt Diameter : M12 - 10.9

- Maximum Bolt Diameter : M56 - 10.9

- Minimum Node Diameter : D = f 75 mm

- Maximum Node Diameter : D = f 280 mm

Plan, view and sections of The Amiry Terminal Building (VVIP Terminal Building)

Structural section of the system

Details of the supports

General view before cladding works

The main space frame structure


General view after first layer of cladding

General view after cladding works


General outside view of the Amiry Terminal after completion of cladding works

4. Assembly Works of the Space Frame System and the Purlin System

Assembly work is a part of the design of the structure. Erection of the space frame has been carried out on the site by using advantages of dome-shaped geometry. Depending on this property, installation process has been completed in a very short time. Another reason of completing assembly works in a short time was the advantage of the steel prefabricated space frame system.

Space Frame System Detail

View of Purlin & Cladding details


A Secondary steel purlin system has been designed on the main space frame structure to cover structure by a special cladding system. Details of the purlins and cladding system were too complex especially for leaf parts and their connections to the main structure.

General perspective view of the purlin system on the space frame structure

5. Conclusion

Amiry Terminal (VVIP Terminal) in Kuwait International Airport had been completed at the beginning of the year of 2010.

Inside view of The Amiry Terminal when it was completed

Inside view of The Amiry Terminal when it was completed

Inside view of The Amiry Terminal during a ceremony

Outside view of The Amiry Terminal

Outside view of The Amiry Terminal

Outside view of The Amiry Terminal