About Us

USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc. has been founded in May 8th, 1979. USKON, which has been established to design, manufacture and assemble prefabricated steel space frames, has now reached to a point of designing, manufacturing and assembling any kind of geometrically definable steel structures.

Emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction since the very first day of its establishment, USKON has improved its annual production capacity to 500.000 sqm as of year 2010, which was only 500 sqm/year in 1979.

USKON gives highest precedence to safety in all the project it undertakes. USKON, who is well aware that time is of essence to the investors, is committed to complete projects within their programmed Schedule. USKON is also committed to carry out systematical researches towards the improvement of its technology and products, which endows it with a significant advantage in this field.

As a consequence of its Professional, to-the-point solutions and the focus on quality, USKON’s “Antalya Glass Pyramid” Project has been awarded with “European Award for Steel Structures” in 1999.

USKON commenced to establish its network in abroad in 1988 and has appointed agents in 23 countries. The number of countries where USKON renders services has reached almost to 50 and export ratio of USKON now reaches 50% of its annual sales.

USKON shares its experience with other international companies by presenting papers in symposiums for the important project executed in Turkey and in abroad.

Negotiations with Bureau Veritas-Paris have ended and USKON is now awarded with “France, Technical Agreement Certificate”.

Standing fastidious about safety, every structural member (tube, cone, bolt, welding) being produced by USKON, are subjected to tension tests with loads 25% in excess of its design value and the safety of every member is certified.

Constantly improving its technology and service quality, USKON has become a reliable brand not only in Turkey, but also in the world.

Yours Sincerely…